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Introducing the My Positive Fitness Monthly Health Membership!!

An exclusive membership designed to empower you with the knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle!

Do any of these situations resonate with you?...


Are you fed up with wanting to feel better but never feel like you have the time to learn how? Or even have the bandwidth to sort through all the (potentially misleading) data online?


You want to feel better but where to start gets too confusing? It is so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the unsustainable trends being shared on social media by self-proclaimed "experts"!


One day "influencers" say eggs are golden and the next day they are horrible! Ugh! Trust a coach who has your best interest in mind to provide the informational guidance for sustained health before falling back into old habits!


Do you ever wonder how others seem to have so much energy to go about their day? What if I told you there are subtle changes you could make to your own daily health habits to improve your energy levels?

My Positive Fitness

That’s exactly why I created the My Positive Fitness Monthly Health Membership. I wanted to create a place for busy adults, just like you, to learn about bettering their health on a daily basis from a source you can trust!

I took the same strategies and health topics I’ve discussed with many of my clients and created a monthly program to focus on habits and key information that will help you live your BEST life!

Each month is broken down into daily lessons sharing an efficient and EFFECTIVE way you can improve the quality of your health!

My Positive Fitness Monthly

  • 6 health lessons each week to empower; not overwhelm

  • Monthly meal plan ideas with recipe guides

  • Supplement suggestions

  • Online support community

  • Actionable health information

  • Cost: $60 per month.

What's Included?

Nutrition & Supplement suggestions

Empower yourself with the knowledge of what foods can either be an asset, or hinderance to your health. Understand the use of natural supplements, herbs and spices to receive many health benefits!


Surround yourself with a private community of like-minded people. Share your journey, swap tips and ideas, and most of all, know you are not alone!

Meal Plan Guides

Sample meal plans and recipe guides delivered each month to help educate you on the foods you should be incorporating into your diet to achieve the monthly health benefit discussed.

Empowering Content

Through the My Positive Fitness coaching app, you will receive 6 lessons a week to help you succeed in building lifelong health skills from a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer. Topics include food swaps, fun food facts, and more!

Monthly Program Topics


Boost your Metabolism

Increase your metabolism

and improve your overall energy levels on a daily basis! Your metabolism officially doesn't start to slow down until the age of 72! Learn ways to tune that engine to run optimally!


Gut Health

"All diseases start in the gut!"

Want to transform how your body looks and feels? A healthy gut leads to lower stress, weight loss, and gets rid of gas and bloating.

The Gut Health Month is full of my best tips and strategies. Each one takes out the guesswork of transforming your gut health in the fastest time possible.


Staying Young

Each day you will gain new advice, inspiration and food choices for living well as you age. From taking care of your body to what to eat to continue to feel and look young!

This MONTH'S Program Details

How to Boost your Metabolism at Any age

Metabolism Boosting HAbits

Your daily activities play a role in how active your metabolism is! Gain helpful daily tips to improve your metabolism with minimal effort!

Healthy Food swaps

Want to buy the best food items but feel lost and wander aimlessly thru the grocery store? You will be provided with food swaps to ensure you are choosing the right brands.

Foods to Eat & Avoid

It is time to eliminate the confusion. Receive actionable details on the top foods to eat as well as top foods to avoid, to control the speed of your metabolism.

If I could write down all of my ideal qualities in a trainer/coach, it would embody everything that Carrie at My Positive Fitness exudes.

I not only get an amazing workout in every time I see her (in-person or virtually), but I feel like more than just a client. Carrie takes the time to get to know you, understand your starting point, challenges and shortcomings and works with you to create unique goals.

She is constantly motivating, a wonderful source of information and immediately warm and friendly; the kind of person you can’t help but put in another 10 reps for! :) V.G.

I have been there too!

I knew something in my life had to change but was not sure what to do or where to begin. I was exhausted, overweight and defeated.

I tried detox teas, not eating carbs (which only made me irritable), butter in my coffee, fat burning pills, 1100 calorie diets! I felt like a fat, unhealthy, low energy failure who was getting bigger by the minute!

Why was it that EVERYONE else around me was able to lose weight and brag about it by "potentially" doing the same things I was trying?

I knew there had to be a better way...

I made it my mission to figure this out...and here we are! At 46, I feel the best I ever have, and no longer hide from embarrassment when I walk in a room. I eat REAL food, including pizza and ice cream, and have energy to complete even my longest days as a health coach and personal trainer.

My company was founded on the idea of helping those in need of motivation to further their fitness, nutrition and health goals without any crazy diets. I completely embrace the power of healthy living and want to share that feeling with others so you can feel your BEST self too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to receive as a member?

By joining this program, you will receive health focused information on a daily basis. This may include, but not limited to, foods to avoid, foods to eat, supplements to consider, friendly food swaps, exercises, self-care techniques and more!

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! As sad as I would be to see you go, simply cancel your membership anytime with a 14-day notice of the 1st of the next month.

How often is information delivered?

Information is delivered every day (but Sunday) via the My Positive Fitness coaching app. The information is meant to be delivered in small, consumable chunks as to not overwhelm you!

Can I buy past months content?

Absolutely! If you missed the first few months of AMAZING membership content, you have the opportunity to purchase at a higher price. Send an email to to get more details.

My Positive Fitness Monthly

  • 6 health lessons each week to empower; not overwhelm

  • Monthly meal plan ideas with recipe guides

  • Supplement suggestions

  • Online support community

  • Actionable health information

  • Cost: $60 per month.

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